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  • Hailey Carlson


It's the first week of school for most kids around Minnesota, and we're inspired by it in the best way - with Ferris Bueller! This is one faux wedding for the books, guys. Complete with a parade and some serious cool car vibes, we wish we could make this happen IRL. This is Bueller's day, planned by the MAVENS.

THE VENUE // Since we're in Minnesota, we've got some killer art museums in the area. Ferris knows how to show his friends a good time, and one of his favorite places to spend an afternoon is the local art Museum. The Walker is the perfect venue for Ferris and Sloane - paying tribute to their favorite day-date off.

ANNOUNCING THE COUPLE // For the start of the reception, the couple and their wedding party are announced via parade. But this isn't just any old wedding day announcement. This one is an ode to Ferris' epic day, with "SAVE FERRIS" t-shirts and his famous vest. We all know how much of a performer he is, so he puts on a show for his new bride featuring a great sing along to Twist and Shout.

THE FOOD // Sloane and Ferris are pretty non-traditional, so they went the casual route with food. Being the Sausage King that he is, Ferris knew how great Natedogs hot dog stand is. These chicago-style dogs are the best way to remind their guests of home.

THE GETAWAY CAR // What kind of Ferris Bueller themed wedding would this be without a 1961 Ferrari making an appearance? These two lovebirds couldn't resist borrowing this joyride for their big day.

THE FAVORS // Every guest will receive a pair of sunglasses with the quote Ferris is known for on them, "Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once and awhile, you could miss it."

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