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Making a change for the better

We have committed ourselves on creating innovative events that are mindful of our environment and community. We've worked with like-minded clients, willing to push the limits of  sustainability.

We strive to reduce our environmental impacts and provide expertise on eco-friendly initiatives, ensuring that your event makes a long-term impact on both your guests and the planet.


MAVEN is an award-winning event planning company that specializes in creating custom, sustainable events that leave a positive, lasting impression.

Wedding Table

Sustainable Practices in Our Event Planning

Our events are designed with sustainability in mind. We strive to reduce our environmental footprint by utilizing reusable materials, minimizing waste, and sourcing locally. We also encourage our guests to participate in sustainable practices such as using public transportation, renting when possible, and only using composable materials to avoid single-use plastic. We are committed to making our events as eco-friendly as possible.

Sustainable Floral Practices

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We are committed to providing the best services while also reducing the environmental impact of the events we produce.

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