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  • Hailey Carlson


We're so excited to feature one of our own MAVENS this week with an in-depth interview of one of our Senior Lead Coordinators, Shaley! Read on to hear about all the top secrets behind our trendy coordination tips, her favorite MSP spots, and expert advice for brides-to-be when booking a coordinator for your big day. All the images in this post are by the lovely Aurora Grace Photography!

Tell us about yourself, your position at MAVEN, and your background as an event coordinator.

Well let’s see. I graduated with a PR and Advertising degree from Marquette University. While at Marquette I took on many different large events through extracurricular courses. One of my favorite events I was apart of was Dance Marathon where I organized an event (3 years in a row) with over 650 people and raised over $100,000 over the 3 years. Here at MAVEN I am a senior lead coordinator! I work with clients on planning, design and coordination.

What is your favorite part about being an event coordinator?

I love getting know couples and seeing their love story develop! It is truly so special to be apart of someone’s big day! Being around all of the beautiful things and see what vendors create is awesome too.

What are your favorite trends this year when it comes to weddings?

I love that color is becoming a thing this season! I also really love all of the Macramé. I generally gravitate to boho designs!

When did you fall in love with events? I have always loved events. I am a super social person and love bringing people together. When I was a little girl I would always plan parties. I had the most elaborate themed child birthday parties. Some of my favorites were my tea party, beach party or in college we threw a Woodstock party!

What tips / advice can you give to couples?

When planning your wedding outline your priorities and stick to them all the way through the planning!

Which event have you been most proud of and why?

It was awesome seeing the first wedding I designed come to life. It was so cool to see all the pieces of the puzzle connect at the end.

What is your dream project? I would love to work on a wedding design for a client at a brand new venue! My dream venue to plan a wedding at would probably be Korakaia in Palm Springs or on a mountain side!

What’s the biggest challenge of wedding season?

It is hard to stay on top of everything! But it is so fun, that it’s worth it!

What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

I love to see how happy and not stressed my clients are!

What are your top three favorite local hang-out spots in the MSP area?

So many great places in Minneapolis! I love Hola Arepa for cocktails and food, Kyatchi has amazing sushi. Copper Hen and Barbette are a tie for my favorite brunch spots.

How would you describe MAVEN’s coordination process?

Maven is focused on being an advocate for the couple, and making sure their day (and the weeks leading up to it) are stress free and just how they have dreamed! We are equally as focused on the guest experience ensuring everyone at the event is having a great time!

What’s your favorite part about the local event industry?

The people are so talented! Local vendors are always making magic and coming together to create beautiful things.

What should clients be aware of before booking a coordinator for their event?

Clients should know that the process works best when they trust their coordinator! Their coordinator is there to support them and help them have the best day of their lives!

Thank you SO much, Shaley for letting us interrogate you about what you do! We're so thankful for all that you contribute + all that you are! <3

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