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  • Hailey Carlson


If you've ever seen a Wes Anderson movie you can appreciate the attention to detail and style that went into these beautiful films. We recently were inspired after watching one of our favorites, Moonrise Kingdom. So, we decided to put that inspiration to work and plan a whole wedding around the Wes Anderson style. This is his day, planned by the MAVENS.

THE VENUE // Camp Wandawega is located in Wisconsin, on "the lake that nobody has ever heard of". This character-filled venue is a perfect pair for a theme that mimics Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom's setting to a T.

MUSIC // Wes is a sucker for all things pre-digital. Keeping this in mind, he compiles a tasteful selection of records that will be played throughout the evening. That warm vinyl sound is going to escalate the event from cozy to intimate.

THE SUIT // Fantastic Mr. Fox is one stylish guy, which is why Wes picked a suit that idolized this favorite character. This brown tweed outfit is the perfect complement to his personality.

THE PHOTO BOOTH // With a symmetrical backdrop, guests can pose with tasteful taxidermy to create a memorable take-home gift to remember the night by. The best part about photo booths, is that they can also double as a guest book if you print doubles and have guests write a little note!

THE SIGNATURE DRINK // As a nod of the hat to his movie, Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes' signature cocktail is an apple-based champagne drink called "Boy with Apple"

THE SEND-OFF // It wouldn't be Wes Anderson without a little whimsical flair, right? A hot air balloon send-off is the perfect way to send the couple off at the end of the night, complete with a "that's not a safe altitude" hand-lettered sign.

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