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  • Hailey Carlson


a t t i r e / e t i q u e t t e

Remember to designate a dress code for your guests. It is a gentle reminder to those who may not know what is appropriate.

i n f o r m a l

Anytime of Day. Men wear collared shirt with a trouser pant with dress shoes. Women wear dress, skirt or pants with a blouse.

c o c k t a i l

Men wear black, dark grey or navy suit with matching trouser. Pleated or plain front dress shirt with vest, long tie or bowtie is appropriate. A white dinner jacket with black trouser is appropriate for summer. Women wear a cocktail dress, silk blouse with pencil skirt. Not too formal and not too casual.

s e m i - f o r m a l

Anytime of Day. Men wear suit in black, navy, brown with matching trouser, dress shirt, tie and polished dress shoe. Women wear a cocktail dress or tuxedo pants. Any length dress between mid-thigh and mid-calf is perfect for semi-formal.

c r e a t i v e f o r m a l

Evening. This is a new type of dress code, somewhere in between Cocktail and Formal. Men wear suit or tux in any color or pattern, no need for a matching trouser, dress shirt, with tie, bow tie. Vest optional. Dress shoes. Women wear a cocktail dress, evening gown or somewhere in between. Could have a full sequin gown. Statement necklace or earrings. Always dress to impress.

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