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  • Hailey Carlson


We all grew up loving Mary Poppins and wishing she was our own nanny, right? Played by the great Julie Andrews, an English Nanny who sings catchy tunes about spoonfuls of sugar and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Her main storyline is about being a caretaker of two children, Jane and Michael. But there's also this other guy, Burt, who keeps showing up on their outings. We like to think that Mary and Burt wind up falling madly in love and getting married. So we decided to plan their wedding for them. This is their day, planned by the MAVENS.

CEREMONY VENUE // Mary is practically perfect in every way, and so is her the St. Paul Cathedral for her ceremony venue. This space appeals to the strict and traditional side of our girl, with it's classic european inspired architecture, it reminds her of home.

RECEPTION VENUE // Betty Dangers Country Club is the only logical venue choice for this quirky couple. They came for the ferris wheel on their first date but they stayed for the whimsical decorations and ambiance.

THE DRESS // custom made by Modehaus, with the daintiest little red bows and accents. This lace gown depicts Mary's style practically perfectly, and is comfortable enough to step in time with her guy.

FIRST DANCE // Bert has pulled together a real surprise for this one. He convinced some of his chimney sweep buddies to put together a barbershop quartet for their first dance with a harmonious serenade of Jolly Holiday.

SIGNATURE COCKTAIL // Mary's favorite spoonful of sugar is rum punch, so her signature cocktail needs to reflect her refined taste with a little bit of fun mixed in. This blood orange cocktail does just the trick!

FLASH MOB // We know, we know - flash mobs are so 2009, but this is a theatrical group and, they're characters in a musical after all ... so it wouldn't be the same without a proper send off to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


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