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  • Hailey Carlson


We're so excited to feature one of our own MAVENS this week with an in-depth interview of our lead florist, Genevieve! Read on to hear about all the top secrets behind our gorgeous floral arrangements, her favorite MSP spots, and expert advice for brides-to-be when booking a florist for your big day. All the images in this post are by the lovely Laura Rae Photography!

Tell us about yourself, your position at MAVEN, and your background as a floral


I’m the Lead Floral Designer here at MAVEN! This will be my 4th wedding season and my

2nd with MAVEN. I started out as an intern with my previous employer and worked my

way up, and learning immensely along the way (of course, still learning).

I love hiking / outdoors, live music, traveling, beer, local goods, and family / friends / boyfriend.

How would you describe MAVEN’s floral design style?

Unique, Organic / Natural, Custom, Moody, and Creative.

What is the best part about being a florist in the wedding industry?

Getting to know the couple and being a part of their big day! Personally, I love handing

the bride her bouquet.

What are your favorite trends when it comes to wedding flowers?

I’m in love with color, so, naturally I would love to see more color in 2018.

When did you fall in love with flowers?

I always loved playing in the dirt and garden as a kid. When I first became consciously aware of my passion was when I was 20, and was growing a strong love / desire for environmental studies.

What is your favorite flower or plant?

That’s like asking a chef, "what’s your favorite food?”… impossible! With that being said, I tend to gravitate towards unique blooms, and of course you can’t forget about the classics (garden roses, dahlias, ranunculus, peonies etc.)!

What is your dream project?

DESTINATION WEDDING! Having to adapt and learn about the flowers in the native area would be both challenging and rewarding.

Which floral installation have you been most proud of and why?

Kelly and I did this insanely beautiful hanging floral frame installation. It was my favorite for many reasons, but one of them being that it looked like an art piece. It resembled something that should be hanging in a museum or gallery, but better. Everything from the color, texture, style, vision etc. was an absolute dream.

What’s the biggest challenge of wedding season?

Anyone who is a florist in the Midwest knows that off-season is a real thing. When wedding season finally rolls around you are SO ready (and well rested), but towards the end of the season you need one giant nap all over again.

What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

Constantly being surrounded by creatives and like-minded folks.

What’s your favorite part about the local flower market in our area?

LOCAL! I love knowing exactly where the flowers are coming from and the farms practices / standards. Sure, the blooms from California are gorgeous, but there’s nothing like a local Minnesota bloom. Nothing!

What should clients be aware of before booking a florist for their event?

Minimums, along with the florist style. Far too often you end up turning away clients due to differences in style. Pick your florist like you would your wedding dress!

What tips / advice can you give to couples?

Relax! This is a time when your love / relationship should be enjoyed and celebrated. Also, trust your vendors! Let them have the creative ability to make your wedding beyond your wildest dreams.

What are some stylish bouquet wrap alternatives to the classic white / ivory satin bouquet wrap?

Color! I’m into the earth tones.

Table centerpieces get so much attention at the reception, but what are some other spots brides should remember to decorate?

Entrance, Bar, Dessert, Gift / Card Table, Cocktail Tables, Lounge, Welcome Sign

Your florist typically knows the venue well enough where they’re able to give the couple ideas, tips, and thoughts regarding recommended essentials.

Just for fun - What are your top three favorite local hang-out spots in the MSP area?

Sea Salt Eatery (live music on weekends), Bad Weather Brewery (walking distance from my place), Roadrunner Records (relaxing).

Thank you SO much, Genevieve for letting us interrogate you about what you do! We're so thankful for all that you contribute + all that you are! <3


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