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  • Hailey Carlson

MINNEAPOLIS WEDDINGS | Industry Insights 02 : Printerette Press

Who is Printerette Press, anyways? Printerette Press is a boutique design and letterpress print shop that specializes in fine stationery for events and people of all kinds. We love old-school methods and most of what we design starts the old fashioned way: in a sketchbook with pen, ink, brushes, and paints. Most, but not all, of what we design is printed in-house on our 100-year-old letterpress print equipment. Letterpress, for those unfamiliar, is an antique printing method that creates a de-boss effect - when the design is punched deep into the paper to create a beautiful, textural, luxe finished product.

How did you get started in the wedding industry? First came my letterpress print shop. (At first, just one 100-year-old press in the basement of my St. Paul home). I was designing and printing ready-made stationery but was asked by a few friends to do their wedding invitations. I fell in love with wedding paper at that point and have been specializing in it ever since. Now, we operate four presses in a studio in Minneapolis and about 80% of our business is custom stationery for clients and events of all kinds.

What do you enjoy most about working with your clients? I love the enthusiasm and excitement we feel from our brides and grooms about their wedding! It's never less than a blast creating pieces of art for the lovely personalities we work with. The unique quirks and personalities that each couple brings to the table inspires us to no end.

Where do you find your inspiration? I used to work in the fashion industry and so I naturally find a lot of inspiration in fashion trends. I also love to dig through vintage shops and flea markets - I'm always on the hunt for old books, print ads, posters, etc.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received, and who was it from? "Comparison is the thief of joy" which I think is a quote from Theodore Roosevelt, but I must admit came to my attention in the footer in an email from a stranger. Ha! But it's so good to remember when you're a maker like I am. YES there is a million beautiful things out there in the world but in the creative world that shouldn't affect us negatively. It's a good reminder and I find myself saying it to myself often. I should figure out whose email is responsible for this great advice!

Which artists, makers, or designers influenced you? This is a long, ever-changing list, but currently I'm struck by the work of Polly Apfelbaum (an incredible surface designer) and Emily Isabella (an incredible illustrator whose Instagram is my favorite thing).

What do you hope to provide for your clients? I may be biased, but wedding paper is the BEST part of wedding planning and we hope that by the time our clients walk out of our studio that they feel the same way. Your save-the-dates and invitations set the scene for the rest of the show and they're the perfect opportunity to let your personality and style shine. Pulling together the perfect pieces for our clients couldn't be more fun and redeeming. It's a total blast; I love what I do!

All photos taken by 2nd Truth Photography

To learn more about Catherine and Printerette Press, Visit their website HERE!

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