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  • By Aja Perrier


This has been a year of change with bouquet trends. This year we have seen a shift from traditional wedding floral elements to modern types of bouquets and corsages. Here are some of the top trends that you will see more of!

1.) Wild, Cascading Florals

After seeing years of tightly wound bouquets, this beautiful bouquet is back. Ranging from vibrant colors to soft gentle tones, these bouquets are breathtaking. After being the popular style in the 80’s, it is back and here to stay! You will not only see these blooms in bouquets, but in centerpieces and along side aisles as well.

2.) Bridesmaid Corsages

Smaller matching bridesmaids bouquets are becoming less popular. This year, you will see bridesmaids wearing beautiful wrist corsages instead. They are more functional and you will see a variety of styles ranging from single bloom designs to ribbons with a variety of florals.

3. Herb Boutonnieres

For years, boutonnieres have been popular with a variety of florals and styles. This year, herb boutonnieres are the new style. These adventurous and unique boutonnieres will consist of a variety of herbs. This modern design is simple but adds a special touch to the groomsmen’s attire.

4.) Classic and Clean Bouquets

White and ivory are predicted to remain the popular color choices for the classic and clean bouquets. The combination of white and green adds a special touch to these bouquets! It’s simple, clean looking adding elegance to the bride.

5.) Trailing Trends

If you’re a bride who loves flowers, then this bouquet is perfect for you. A latest trend for bouquets feature blooms and foliage galore! As the vintage and rustic wedding themes have become more popular, so have floral arrangements. Larger, wilder flowers with less structure are more beautiful then ever. These bouquets are mixed with a variety of greens that add a fresh look to the bouquet. Go big or go home right?

As you can see, 2016 is full of surprises. These trends are new and here to stay! Personally, I am excited to see these trends blossom this year!

Pictures found on Pinterest

Our favorite MN Florists // Munster Rose // a day in provience // Sadie's Floral // Ashley Fox Designs


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