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  • Aja Perrier


Whether you choose to relax by the beach or plan a tight schedule of sightseeing, your honeymoon is a trip to celebrate and enjoy! Where will you choose to go for your honeymoon? According to Business Insider, here are some of the top honey moon destinations of 2015!

1. Southeast Asia

If you are looking to kick back and lounge on the beach, Phuket, Thailand is the spot for you. This destination is a perfect place to enjoy paradise and relax at luxury resorts. You will not be disappointed with the beautiful sunsets and wild nightlife!

2. Las Vegas

If you want to party all night long, Las Vegas is the place for you. From numerous bars to wild entertainment, Las Vegas has it all. If romance and relaxing is not in the plans, get ready to party in all night long in Vegas!

3. Aruba

This Caribbean Island has a lot to offer. Owned by the Dutch, you will experience a cultural ride. Not only are the beaches amazing but the architecture is breathtaking. This island is the perfect getaway!

4. Bora Bora

French Polynesia's, Bora Bora is an ideal honey moon destination. This destination is absolute paradise! The turquoise water is irresistible to swim in along with the popular scuba places.

5. Paris, France

Eating macaroons by the Eifel Tower sounds like a relaxing honey moon! The City of Love is filled with sights to see along with French pastries, extravagant restaurants and many attractions.

6. Milan, Italy

This city is filled with Italian charm. Milan is a beautiful city that offers delicious cuisine. Enjoy a bottle of wine while experience Italy’s delightful culture. Oh, and the gelato is a must!

7. St. Bart’s

Located in the Caribbean, St. Bart’s has beautiful white sand beaches with crystal blue water! This romantic getaway is perfect for soaking up the sun while experiencing a taste of the French lifestyle.

8. Spitsbergen, Norway

If you are looking for a honey moon filled with breath taking scenery, Spitsbergen in Norway is the ideal destination! This island in the Arctic Ocean has cool weather along with an opportunity to see polar bears, snowcapped mountains and the Northern Lights.

9. Fiji

Fiji is the perfect destination for a mixture of relaxation and adventure! If you are looking for adventure, make sure to mountain climb Fiji’s beautiful mountains. This destination will keep you busy with activities such as water sports, surfing and zip lining! There is plenty of sun and crystal blue water to enjoy the day at the beach.

10. Belize

Are you looking for a mixture of the Caribbean Sea and jungle? If so, Belize is the place to be! Explore the Mayan culture and visit the Mayan Ruins. This is an unforgettable honey moon destination.

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