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  • Posted by Aja Perrier


Have you decided on a theme for your wedding? If so, it’s time to brainstorm the colors that will compliment your big day. By adding a cohesive color pallet you can bring your theme to life!

See our list of top color ideas for 2015!

Navy, Cream & Blush

Minneapolis Wedding, Maven

This classic combination will always be a good choice for your wedding. There are so many ways to combine these colors!

Purple & Yellow

Maven Events

These colors together bring a vibrant feel to a wedding! Whether you choose light purple or dark, they are absolutely stunning together.

Maven Events, Bridesmaids Dresses

Pink, Kahki & Gray

Minneapolis Wedding Planner, Maven, Pink Wedding Dress

Maven Events

If you’re looking for a beach wedding, here are the perfect colors to incorporate! Together, these colors add a special touch.

Sage & Sandalwood

Maven Floral
Maven Events

This modern combination works very well together and can accent a beautiful vintage themed wedding!

Sangria, Silver & Lavender

Maven Floral
Maven Events
Maven Events, Minneapolis Wedding Planner

The different layers of purple add an elegant touch. There are many ways to combine these colors!

Periwinkle & Peach

Maven Floral
Maven Events Minneapolis Wedding Planner

These simple color complimenting each other beautifully.

Gold & Burgundy

Maven Floral
Minneapolis Wedding Planner
Gold Cake Topper, Oh Dier, Minneapolis Wedding Planner

This romantic combination will always be an excellent choice for your wedding and our personal favorite for 2015 Weddings. These colors together are perfect for your fall nuptuals!

(Photos found on Pinterest)


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